Pineapple Sound, established in 2013, has provided recording and mixing services for a wide variety of artists and genres. The studio is located in Langley, BC, near Highway 1 and is easily accessible from anywhere in the Lower Mainland. We are close to the city yet nestled into a peaceful and private setting.


Designed from the ground up, the studio was built with sound in mind. The live room's vaulted ceilings allow your music to breathe, while the acoustic treatment throughout makes for accurate and precise monitoring. With enough room to accommodate a wide range of projects, Pineapple Sound is the perfect retreat for your next project with an arsenal of great tools at your disposal.

The Studio

The studio is built around a beautiful nine foot Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano in the tracking room and an SSL AWS 900+ SE  console in the control room. There is a microphone for every situation with a wide selection from Neumann, Rode, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Advanced Audio and Chameleon Labs. All audio is run through pristine Apogee Symphony MKII converters into our blazing fast Mac pro and a collection of outboard gear and effects is also available. Monitoring duties are handled by ATC SM25A's, paired to KRK 12sHO subwoofers, and classic NS10's for alternatives. The studio also houses an impressive collection of hardware synths and VSTs.

Langley BC Canada